Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day of the Dead Skulls Design

Hi People! I have been away for a short while as i have busy designing some apparel designs for my very good friends at  I jumped at the chance to do this project as I did not really know what "Sugar Skulls" were.  After some digging i found out they are Mexican and that they create them to celebrate family and friends who have passed on.  Why don't we do something like this???  Its what fascinates me about other cultures, how one normal thing in another country would freak out another.  Absolutely ridiculous.  The majority of these skulls are drawn beautifully and are very vibrant and colourful, yet sustain a sense of tradition, and tradition is an important foundation of society.  Which would contradict what i said earlier about "why" we don't do something like this.  I gave the skulls i designed a theme.  Death is just the end of life, and to celebrate that we must also celebrate the "life" and "creation" of this person.  I decided on 3 themes..."Life", "Time" and "Death", opting out of "birth" as i could not figure out how to draw it without drawing a babies skull...which is depressing.  I hope you like them.  Other than that i have been obsessing over The Dark Knight Rises.  My thoughts go out to all those who died in Aurora, Colorado at the premiere last friday.  Speak soon.

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