Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Digital Painting History

As i was growing up i was very fond of painting.  I would meticulously copy works from the greats such as Picasso, Van Goth and Monet.  As i started to develop my own style i realised i would like to explore more and I started digital painting whilst studying at University.  I would always try to avoid traditional methods mostly at the distaste of my peers.   After University i persevered with this and only painted using digital methods.  Apart from being a really clean method, it also helped me learn most things i know today about photoshop.  These were the foundations I built to help me become the artist i am today and Im happy that i stuck at it.  Here is a couple of examples of my digital painting works.

"Sub Level 0"

"Wonder Jungle"

Twisted Pixels Illustration

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